Re-discover Your Purpose

Gone are the days of choosing one career path at 18 and sticking with it 'til you're retired... but with so many options to choose from, it can be so difficult to know where to go.

And what about the pressures and expectations of family, friends, or professors? How can we sift through the noise of society and discover where we will *truly thrive*? 

Discovering your purpose and discovering your career path might mean two different things, but through this video course & journal prompts, you'll be able to dig deep into your subconscious and find that the answers have always been inside of you.

It's always just been a matter of discovery. You know *you*, best. Excited for you to nurture your relationship with yourself by investing in your future happiness and passions. Enjoy!

1 Lesson

Re-discover Your Purpose

This module + set of journal prompts will lead you through questions and ideas to help you discover what path you are uniquely made for. Whether it's career, purpose, or passions - or all three - you'll rediscover who you are and find clues and principles to guide you to living a purpose-filled life.

Lessons for this module 1
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